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Ciò di cui parlerò è sotto ciò che si vede. Perché ciò che vediamo della Reliquia è solo la terra deserta.

La prima cosa che noto guardando i tuoi disegni è un’incredibile povertà di mezzi: dal supporto che

Tobacco-tinged wallpaper and battalions of porcelain dolls are some of the scenic tropes that connect Richard Billingham’s most acclaimed photographic work to his debut feature film, Ray & Liz. Most notably, the raw, polychromatic detail of his 1996 photobook Ray’s

Kiluanji was in his twenties when the Angolan civil war ended in 2002. Much inspired by his country’s history, Kiluanji’s images focus on the universal aspects of the human condition and aim to find common factors between various points on

Meet Judy Watson, an artist working in print-making, drawing, painting, video and installation. Based in Brisbane, Judy's Aboriginal matrilineal family are from Waanyi country in north-west Queensland. Her art explores issues such as cultural memory, aboriginal history and the artist’s

Argentinian artist Julio Le Parc reflects on the transformative years of his career and his works in the exhibition Julio Le Parc 1959, on view at The Met Breuer, December 4, 2018, through February 24, 2019.

Today only a handful of specialists create daguerreotypes, as the chemicals involved should not be used without the proper training and safety protocols. In this film Dr Mike Robinson creates a portrait using his own version of the technique. To

From deep within Private Eye HQ guest curator Ian Hislop takes you on a journey through the history of protest and dissent using objects from the British Museum collection. Marvel as a humble (solid gold) salt cellar becomes an act

A rare large-scale Roman bronze, the Drunken Satyr from the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, Italy, has arrived at the J. Paul Getty Museum at the Getty Villa for study and conservation. Hear conservator Erik Risser describe the collaborative conservation

Toward a Concrete Utopia explores themes of large-scale urbanization, technology in everyday life, consumerism, monuments and memorialization, and the global reach and influence of Yugoslav architecture. Martino Stierli and Vladimir Kulić examine the architecture that emerged in Yugoslavia in the

On February 15, US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency to bypass Congress and free up billions for a border wall between the US and Mexico. The alleged national emergency? A migrant caravan of several thousand people that arrived

The 2017 Turner prize-winning artist Lubaina Himid is the first Guardian artist in residence. After spending four days in the Guardian's London office she created a work entitled Random Coincidence, which included the artist painting over pages from the paper

While working on Slab City, her debut documentary, Swedish filmmaker Clara Tägtström came across a group of socially excluded young adults growing up in Los Angeles.

Street photography can mean many things in a city where life is fast and cameras are affordable. However, New York's undisputed kingpin of the streets has to be iconic Brooklyn-born shooter Bruce Gilden—the man who has spent a career getting

Delve into the proto-existentialist ideas and psychological themes of Norwegian artist Edvard Munch’s work via the minds of musicians Patti Smith and Charlotte Gainsbourg. Touring an exhibition of the nineteenth-century artist's work, Between the Clock and the Bed, held at

Asia Art Archive was created with an urgent goal: to give the Asia Pacific region’s local art history the place it deserved. Founded shortly after the 1997 handover, the Hong Kong non-profit organization has over the last two decades fostered

Celebrated for his material-oriented practice, Kevin Beasley juxtaposes sound, silence, and sculpture to examine the legacy of cotton in the American South. Set to the beat of his improvised drumming, the film shows Beasley at work in his Queens studio

Come quando i poveracci si buttano sui corpi dei morti per strappargli via le ultime cose

ne enfance potentielle est en nous. Quand nous allons la retrouver en nos rêveries, plus encore que dans sa réalité, nous la revivons en ses possibilités. Nous rêvons à tout ce qu'elle aurait pu être, nous rêvons à la limite

I cannot remember when it began. The lights were low. We were walking across the floor, over the polished wood, the inlaid marble, through shallow water, through a dusting of snow, over the shapeless figures of fallen light.

For Dutch-born artist and fashion photographer Viviane Sassen, it is not Arnhem or Amsterdam but a village in the remote west of rural Kenya that holds the biggest sway over her creative voice.

Perché un economista si mette a parlare di reliquie? E, soprattutto, in che senso possiamo parlare di reliquie in economia?

Nazgol Ansarinia is an artist who lives and works in Tehran, Iran. The artist takes experiences, objects and events that relate to contemporary Iranian daily life, and explores how they relate to a larger social context. Ansarinia has said ‘my

Ahead of her Tate Modern retrospective we spoke with Joan Jonas in her New York City studio. Joan Jonas is one of the most important American artists to emerge in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Her pioneering experimentation and

This documentary travelogue of New York City in 1911 was made by a team of cameramen with the Swedish company Svenska Biografteatern, who were sent around the world to make pictures of well-known places. Opening and closing with shots of

La storia delle idee e dei comportamenti umani è segnata da innumerevoli fraintendimenti e bana- lizzazioni del concetto di armonia e dei suoi aspetti fondanti, unitari e ritmici .

Il destino di questo giorno mi appare più struggente a mano a mano che le cose si risvegliano e un peso stremato di forze si appoggia al cielo, azzarda delle violenze.

Scottish electronic musician Drew McDowall presents this, the latest music video from his new solo album of unnerving electronics, The Third Helix. Shot by Sigrid Lauren, the video—moody and corporeal—was based around a workshop with a community of dancers, friends,

As the Museum of Modern Art prepares to ship 200 masterworks by artists like Picasso, Cézanne, Rothko and de Kooning for a special exhibition at the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris, other MoMA staff begin to install a new line-up

David Goldblatt investigates South African sociocultural influences on architecture in this preview of the upcoming "Johannesburg" episode from Season 9 of the “Art in the Twenty-First Century” television series. Shown photographing a building in the Sandton area of Johannesburg, the